Inferno Release Day!!!

Today is the day! My baby is finally being re-released to the world!

Huge thanks to my wonderful family for supporting my writing, and most especially to my Mom, who does so much editing for me. Also, to the Saddle Up Club. I wrote this one for you guys.

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Inferno Kindle cover high-res paperback

Fire can destroy, or it can refine.

The Wilderness Ride Campout is the highlight of the year for Ashley Thompson and her friends. Not even her antagonistic fellow rider, Jocelyn Gregory, can ruin this weekend for her.

But when a wildfire traps them together on the mountain, relationships are taxed to the breaking point and old wounds torn open. Limited by injuries and with no clue where they are, The girls must find a way to set aside their prejudices and work together, or perish in the blaze.

Jupiter Storm Releases!

Yesterday marks the release of C.J. Darlington’s latest novel –  Jupiter Storm! I read the first book in the series, Jupiter Winds, years ago and enjoyed the very unique take on the world beneath the clouds of Jupiter.

Description:  Only a week ago Grey Alexander thought she and her sister were orphans. And like everyone else she believed Jupiter was uninhabitable. Now she’s standing on its surface, reunited with her mom and dad and on the brink of an interplanetary war.
The government of Mazdaar is ruthlessly determined to claim Jupiter like they already have Earth, but Grey has joined her parents and Commander Fleur March in the Yien Dynasty’s resistance effort. Jupiter, where extinct animals roam free and seem to have an uncanny ability to communicate with her sister, is the last hope for the freedom of mankind. When Mazdaar unexpectedly descends with a fleet of their terrifying Triangle jets, Grey and her family barely escape with their lives.
Cut off from reinforcements and traveling in a ship full of strangers, who can they trust? Surely not Dana Yurkutz, the traitorous prisoner who even though she inexplicably saved Grey’s life is still loyal to Mazdaar. Deception is their enemy’s most powerful weapon, and light and darkness soon blur on this new frontier. Nothing is as it first seems, and Grey and Dana must each choose sides before it’s too late.

Amazon Kindle Link: Jupiter Storm (Jupiter Winds series Book 2)
Paperback Link: Jupiter Storm




Shadowsong Release Day!!!!!!!

Okay, super excited today. My baby is finally out in the world! *happy dance*
This story has been a long time in coming. I wrote it years ago for a Christian magazine, but it wasn’t quite what they were looking for. I re-wrote it completely this year and was shocked at just how much my writing style had changed in that time. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I hope you will be too!

shadowsong Final Cover


What happens when the dream of a lifetime turns to dust in your hands?

Rhianna has spent her life searching for one thing: the Master’s Song. The source of ultimate power. Now, she is held hostage by it, her life in the balance. If she makes the wrong choice, she will destroy everything she holds dear.
The Darkness closes in, and the fate of her beloved rests in the balance. Rhianna must make an agonizing choice. Who will she hold on to?

Hold on to the Darkness, or embrace the Light?

An 8,000+ word fantasy/allegory short story.

Amazon Kindle Link here: Shadowsong
This book will also be available with Kindle Unlimited!