Securing Aisling: a book review



A queen in need of a husband and a prince who had never been truly loved—will they overcome opposition to find happiness?
Brianna Reaner, Queen of Aisling, has never been on a date, been in love, had a boyfriend, or has even had a crush on a boy before. According to the laws of her country, she must marry by her eighteenth birthday or risk losing the right to rule her kingdom. How is she supposed to find a suitable husband in less than six months? What will the consequences be if she makes the wrong choice?
With the help of her advisors, she compiles a surprisingly short list of suitable mates. Her top choices include three princes all belonging to her nemesis, King Coman Barnali of Gilvary. None of the three seem particularly promising. Dunbar, the eldest, is his father’s puppet. Next in line is Reagan, the biggest flirt in Kearnley. Then there is the elusive Garrett who seems to go into hiding whenever she is present.
One by one she eliminates names from her list until she finds the man she feels destined to marry. But her choice is not pleasing to everyone. King Coman has been plotting to take control of Aisling for years. Queen Brianna’s choice causes him to have to come up with a new plan—one that could prove deadly for the newly wedded couple. †Securing Aisling is Christian Romance.

My Review: 

Young Queen Brianna has a mighty short two months to marry or risk losing the throne of Aisling. To make matters worse, she has only three real marriage prospects – the three eldest sons of the cruel ruler of the neighboring kingdom – Gilvary, who desperately wants to get his hands on her kingdom. Brianna has met all three before and wasn’t particularly impressed.

However, Brianna promises to put aside all preconceived notions and memories of three brothers and give them all a fair chance – although she’s fairly certain she won’t be picking Dunbar, the king’s heir. King Coman has a grand master plan to reunite the three kingdoms of Kearnley once again under one rule – his. To get to Aisling, the king needs her to marry Dunbar, and he will do everything in his power to make certain she does.

I feel for Brianna. She was thrown into a terrible position for the sake of her kingdom, yet she kept a cool head about her. She is a very strong willed woman who relies strongly on her faith, prayer, and best friend Gwen to see her through and make the right decision. I’m really glad the author made her a smart girl, not one of those heroines we all know and hate who always throw aside common sense for romance or plot-steering reasons.

We haven’t yet seen much of the kingdoms of Kearnley aside from the castles and some forest, but the little hints of steampunk – and dragons! – are enough to begin sparking the imagination and I do hope this is more thoroughly fleshed out in the sequels, Healing Gilvary and Restoring Dermott.

It’s difficult to give this one a good long review at all because it seems like everything I really want to talk about falls firmly into the spoiler category.

My Rating: Four Stars

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Heat Advisory:

Romance: some mildly passionate kissing. Vague references are made to consummation.
Language: clean
Drinking/drugs: clean
Blood/violence: murder, one execution by hanging. Mild physical abuse, imprisonment, and torture (not shown). One skirmish and a few injuries. Non-graphic.

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