Ellie and the Prince: a book review


Serving as Controller of Magical Creatures at the illustrious Faraway Castle resort, Ellie Calmer knows her place. She is a servant, and she has no business thinking about handsome Prince Omar, a regular visitor at the resort, much less talking to him!

 But then a unicorn on the resort grounds attacks a party of riders, frightening the guests, and a band of young and adventurous nobles decide to hunt it down. Suddenly Ellie needs Omar’s help. She knows something must be wrong to have driven the unicorn to such desperate extremes. Can she and Omar find the unicorn before it’s too late? And will she somehow protect her heart against the irresistible attraction she feels for the kind and gentle prince?

My Review: 

I freely admit that I have a slight addiction to fairytales, but when I first read the description for this one, I admit I was skeptical. And when the prequel novella – Cinder Ellie – came out, it was cute, but didn’t really capture me. However, I did love Stengl’s Little Siren novella, so I decided to take a chance and dive into the main novel – and am I ever glad I did!

Ellie and Omar are such a cute couple, and I loved seeing some of the scenes from their alternating points of view. It just made the story so much more fun. I was chuckling out loud on multiple occasions throughout the book and the ending left me wanting more – a lot more! It felt almost like it ended just as the story was getting good. I am dying to read more about Ellie and Omar and what happens next as she steps into her new role. You can’t leave me hanging like this author lady!!!

I hope that someday in the future Mrs. Stengl will write a sequel for Ellie and Omar. But in the meantime, I will just have to content myself with the Little Mermaid retelling coming out sometime this summer.

I also can’t help but wonder if there’s any chance that our mysterious Gamekeeper might be the star of a future Beauty and the Beast retelling? There are a lot of plot elements dancing about him that make one wonder….

*** I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t have to leave a good review, but for a book this good, nothing less would do!***

My Rating: Five Flames


Heat Advisory:

This one is G rated. Very clean, very sweet.


Also, check out the free novellas that go with this series. I especially recommend The Little Siren!

THe little siren


When independent-minded Kamoana encounters a human boy in danger, she knows she should have nothing to do with him. As a siren, she is forbidden even to speak to humans, let alone rescue one. But how can Kamoana simply watch the boy die and do nothing to save him?

Click here to grab a free copy from J.M. Stengl’s website.




Cinder Ellie


Trained by an enchantress but obliged to work summers for her living, fifteen-year-old Ellie Calmer serves as a maid at a world-famous mountain resort. Her lowly rank keeps her always at a distance from the powerful, beautiful guests who spend their summers at Faraway Castle, yet Ellie dares to dream of one day exchanging even just a few words with shy Prince Omar of Khenifra.

But when rare magical creatures show up in Faraway Castle’s gardens, Ellie’s life is suddenly complicated. Cinder sprites are causing fires and potentially endangering the beautiful resort. The resort director has sent for an exterminator to deal with these so-called pests. Can Ellie find a way to use her humble magic to save the cinder sprites and Faraway Castle before disaster strikes?

You can find Cinder Ellie on Kindle HERE. 

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