Inferno Release Day!!!

Today is the day! My baby is finally being re-released to the world!

Huge thanks to my wonderful family for supporting my writing, and most especially to my Mom, who does so much editing for me. Also, to the Saddle Up Club. I wrote this one for you guys.

Kindle Link

Inferno Kindle cover high-res paperback

Fire can destroy, or it can refine.

The Wilderness Ride Campout is the highlight of the year for Ashley Thompson and her friends. Not even her antagonistic fellow rider, Jocelyn Gregory, can ruin this weekend for her.

But when a wildfire traps them together on the mountain, relationships are taxed to the breaking point and old wounds torn open. Limited by injuries and with no clue where they are, The girls must find a way to set aside their prejudices and work together, or perish in the blaze.

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