Desert Rains: a book review

desert rains


Enter the world of Balia, a place not so different from our own. Explore lush landscapes and rich cultures as Balia’s creator, TrueGod, moves through many times and places to find lost and broken people to call his own. In the ancient desert town of Alagor, nobody is more lost and broken than Banar, the lame beggar, unless it’s Anna, the royal slave, or Alandro, the wounded baker, or even Malia, the lonely noble daughter. When TrueGod unexpectedly weaves their lives together, he creates unlikely alliances that will not only save the city from the secret plans of a power-seeking magistrate, but may also heal their individual lives as they step out of their ordinary roles and do things none would have dared alone. If they fail, lives all across Alagor will be lost, including their own.

My Review:

Desert Rains blew me away.

This was actually the very first book I read by author Jill Penrod. At the time, I didn’t go in expecting much from a self published author (Though I have since found that most of my favorites live in the grand realm of self-publishing!).

I am so happy to say that this book surpassed even my highest expectations and I found myself completely enthralled with this story and its characters. Determined Banar who endured so much and is willing to fight for a better life for himself and his family. Sacrificial Alandro who finds himself a family in the most unexpected way. Hurting Ragen, patient Anna, and sassy Malia and Yarrow, the only couple who protect their secret love with the use of reverse psychology – by pretending to hate each other!

Once incident throws them all together, plots are hatched and tensions rise politically and in the city below as drought ravages the lands. Lines are drawn between the followers of TrueGod and the followers of a pagan belief and threaten to to tear the city inside out, with this unusual mix of people in the center of it all. But can a beggar, a baker, a coddled princess, a foreign prince, and a slave really make all that much of a difference?

I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a beautiful story about handing all your worries to God, giving him your absolute trust, and how God can use even the most unlikely of people to accomplish his greatest works. I highly recommend Penrod’s Balia books (except for Gypsy Heart, that one was a uncharacteristic bust) and eagerly await whatever comes next.

If you want to check out her books, she has one Balia novel, Nevernight Fortress, up for free on her website along with books related to a couple of her other series (See website link at bottom of article).

My Rating: Five Flames

flame-cropped flame-cropped flame-cropped flame-cropped flame-cropped

Heat Advisory: Sorry everyone. It has been a couple of years since I read this book. My memory of much of the details are not too clear anymore. So I won’t be doing a full heat advisory.

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Happy Reading y’all!


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