Dragonfly: a book review




Eighteen-year-old Joshua Miller is great at being invisible, despite the four, large, insect-like wings protruding from his back and his knack for high-rise robberies. He can remember almost nothing of his life before Nik found him and taught him his trade. Now he’s alone, and he likes it that way. When Joshua unexpectedly meets Lexi on a job, his simple, uncomplicated existence shifts. Although he intends to remain uninvolved, something about her captivates him and he begins to let her in. As he navigates the strange nuances of a relationship with a girl as desperate to be different as he is to be ordinary, he becomes increasingly aware that he is not who he wants to be for her. Confronted by the past he’d forgotten and a family he didn’t know existed, Joshua must decide for himself where he belongs and who holds the key to his future.

My Review: 

I stumbled on this one by accident, and was completely intrigued by the premise. Joshua is a great character, troubled, but with a good heart beneath it all. He just needs a reason for his existence. He doesn’t know who he is or where he belongs. Trapped in a lonely limbo, he becomes enamored of  a girl who lives in a home he had initially planned to rob.

Lexi is a solid character as well, but I had to dock a star simply because their meeting was a little far fetched. What girl would trust the guy who came to rob her house, no matter how intriguing he is? And seriously, not only was he was dumb enough to take off his mask – but then he comes back to visit! if it wasn’t for that part, I would have easily given this book five stars.

It’s a very short book, but surprisingly well fleshed out. I didn’t feel as though the story was cut short or crammed too tightly. The pacing was perfect. But it needs a sequel, like yesterday! The end was slightly bittersweet, and while it was a complete story, the author left it wide open for sequels. I do hope to see some soon! So if you love spec-fic, go ahead and give this one a try. You won’t regret it.

My Rating: Four Flames

flame-cropped flame-cropped flame-cropped flame-cropped

Heat Advisory:

Romance: pretty clean. There is some kissing, and two characters did spend a night in the same bed – They didn’t do anything! – But someone really should have slept on the floor instead.
Language:  clean
Drinking/Drugs: clean
Blood/violence: some fighting. A stabbing. Blood and some old murders mentioned. Skeleton found.

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Happy Reading y’all!

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