Hawthorne House series: two book reviews

Okay, everyone. First I need to apologize for having been so lax in my posting of late. Right now things have been running a bit roughly. Health challenges and changes in my full time job are making things a bit more difficult right now. So I haven’t often had the time or energy to focus on this blog along with everything else. I’ll continue to post as often as possible, but I likely won’t be doing nearly as much as I did last year.

Now on to the reviews. Don’t let my slightly critical reviewing deter you. Hawthorne House by Kristi Ann Hunter is my latest Regency novel addiction. It’s clean and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance or historicals. You can read my thoughts on book 1 in the series here: A Noble Masquerade: a book review.

An Elegant Facade 


This was probably my least favorite of the Hawthorne books. Mostly because much of this is scenes from A Noble Masquerade, only from Lady Georgina’s point of view. It was very interesting to see her take on things, and learn why she acts the way she does, but at times it can be slightly tedious.

All characters and descriptions in the story are well detailed and easy to picture in mind’s eye. Georgina goes from being a complete brat in the first two stories, to being a much more sympathetic and relateable character, though her ongoing obsession with title and status could get a bit grating. It was nice to finally see some growth from her. I just wish that growth would have taken a bit less time to come about, because it started to get a bit silly near the end.

Now please don’t let this slightly negative sounding review deter you from checking this book out. It is good and I did enjoy it, the author just spent way too much time rehashing book one from a different point of view, which made me want to skip forward a lot sometimes. If I had not read book 1 I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more.

My Rating: Four Flames

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An Uncommon Courtship

hawthorne house 2.jpg Finally, we get Lord Trent’s story! As the quirkiest of the family, Trent was my favorite of the Hawthorne siblings since the beginning.

Trent always planned to marry for love, but an accident and a scheming mother leave him wed to a virtual stranger: Adelaide Bell.

Both are frustrated and uncomfortable in this situation, having no idea what to do with each other, so Trent comes up with the idea to ‘court’ his wife. But his plan is fraught with problems that will either bring them together, or tear them apart.

This is a good tale about finding love even in the most difficult of situations. It’s a bit different from the previous two books as the main characters are already married, but it held my interest a lot better than the last book in the series.

Aside from getting to know Trent’s character a lot better, Adelaide herself was a great new addition that I hope to see more of in book 4. Her mother was unbelievably rotten, and I think that Adelaide handled things with a lot more aplomb than most of us. Her father though, was painfully underdeveloped. I really wish he had been better fleshed out. It could have made for a much more interesting dynamic.

My Rating: Five Flames

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