Regina Silsby’s Phantom Militia: a book review


Thomas J. Brodeur’s historical fiction saga continues in Regina Silsby’s Phantom Militia. The British army’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when rumors spread that the legendary ghost, Regina Silsby, has returned to defend pre-Revolution Boston. Rachel Winslow and her cousin work to keep the superstitions alive, leading the redcoats to believe that it is Regina who continues to foil their plans and that this time she is not alone. Even the brash Major Cauldon gets nervous as he sees his ranks thinning even as their fears heighten. Young adult readers will thrill at the daring feats and foibles in this

My Review:

In the first book in this series, an altercation with a couple of redcoats in a church cemetery accidentally brings the name Regina Silsby to everyone’s lips. Desperate to be rid of the oppressive English influence, Boston teenager Rachel Winslow takes advantage of the enemy’s superstitions and brings their worst fears to life, Donning mask and wig to become the terrifying ghost.

She was eventually found out and forced to flee the city. Now she’s come back, along with her cousin, to search for her missing brother in a city that is becoming increasingly dangerous. And this time, she has help.

I loved the first book in this series- Regina Silsby’s Secret War – but this sequel is so much better! Brodeur Spins a gripping yarn that combines historical facts and people with his own wild imaginative twists!

Rachel was a great character, strong and quiet. Smart too. She was always thinking ahead, anticipating her opponents surprisingly well. Certainly more than I ever would have! (Guess that means I’d make a terrible vigilante, yes?) Her cousin Sarah was a fun addition too, though she does sometimes need to learn to stay quiet!

The setting of pre-revolution Boston is beautifully described with all the smells, sounds, and other little details you wouldn’t always think of. And in contrast with many story portrayals, not all the redcoats are truly bad, nor is every patriot soldier good. The story shows that grey place in the middle quite well and beautifully showcases a strong christian message. The arguments on both sides were logical and well thought out.

The ending of the book, while complete, did leave an opening for possible future books. I really hope the author does eventually write more, because I would greatly love to read more about “Regina Silsby”.

My Rating:

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Heat Advisory:

Romance: Clean. only some very mild flirting.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: Some wine is consumed.
Blood/violence: This story is set smack in the middle of the Revolutionary War. So yes, there are battles, death, shootings, chases, injuries, and some blood. The author writes it tastefully, but doesn’t shy away from the truths of the war either.

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Happy Reading y’all!


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