Four Winds: a book review


Zara Ruiz has never been so happy to have failed at something in her life—trying to return to her own time. In Javier de la Ventura’s arms, she knows that 1840 is where she belongs…where she’s found true love and family. But when the ranch is viciously attacked, and she and Javier’s little brother are kidnapped, she is no longer certain where her journey might end. Javier de la Ventura is plagued by a sense of responsibility for praying that God would leave Zara in his own Alta California. But when she suffers because of her association with him, he commits to finding a way for her to return to her own time, if she wishes it. His heart longs for her to stay, but his mind tells him she’d be safer in her own era. Battered by the FOUR WINDS, can Zara and Javier find a way to remain together…forever?

My Review: 

Zara has decided to stay in 1840 California with the man she has fallen in love with – Javier De La Ventura. But no sooner is that decision made, that life quickly takes a turn for the worse. Kidnapped and tossed aboard a ship along with Javier’s brother, Zara must find a way to escape and figure out who is truly behind their abuctions, while Javier hunts desperately for them both from the shores. Both have begun to doubt the wisdom of her staying. But if she goes back to her own time, are they willing to endure the loss of their love – forever?

Three Wishes, the first book in this duology, was a good story, but surprisingly slow – at least in comparision with the other River of Time books. Thankfully, Four Winds picks the pace back up to what I expect from an ROT novel.

Zara is an awesome lead character. She can take care of herself and loves defying the social conventions of the times. Her Krav Maga skills really come in handy this time around, yet she is still a good hearted and kind girl who cares dearly for her new adoptive family.

The ending was a good happily ever after, though I think it could have been drawn out a bit further. It felt slightly abrupt, and (*Slight Spoiler Alert*) I really wish we had seen the villians get their dues, after everything they went through, instead of just a sentence or two mentioning their final fates. (*End Spoiler*)

Overall, Four Winds was a good and solid addition to the world of River of Time, and I do hope to see many more spinoffs of ROT in the future.

My Rating: Four Flames

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Romance: Clean. Kisses only. There are mentions of what the villians would like to do to her, and prostitution is mentioned. One villian does get on top of her, but nothing happens.
Language: Clean
Drinking/Drugs: There is some wine drunk, as was typical of the times.
Blood/Violence: A few deaths and several fight scenes. Only a small amount of blood though.

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Happy Reading y’all!

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