The Review Pileup

Okay, I have been falling ridiculously far behind on reviews lately so I’m just going to a bit of catching up and mash a handful of shorter ones together in one big post. I won’t be doing extensive ratings on these ones either, just a short notation of anything I find concerning.


The Lost Files of the M.B.R.C. by K.M. Shea

Morgan is back and at it again!

In this series of short stories from the M.B.R.C., time is steadily passing as we see snippets of Morgan’s life through the next few years as she and her world grow and change. From proposals and marriages, to wild birthdays and a Kraken who isn’t quite what she imagined!

This, sadly, is the end of the M.B.R.C. series, and I shall greatly miss it. The story is complete but still leaves you wanting more just for the sake of it. That, my friends, is the sign of a good author.

I totally recommend all the M.B.R.C. books to anyone who is looking for a light read and a good laugh. I just hope they come out in paperback one of these days so I can add them to more than just my digital shelves!

Amazon Kindle Link:The Lost Files of the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center: a MBRC Anthology

Puss in Boots by K.M. Shea

I never liked the original fairytale (it was a bit strange) and doubted I would care much for this one. Why did I ever doubt the queen of fairytale retellings?

Puss is such a CAT! All arrogant, and manipulative, and proper but with a heart of gold beneath. He’s so much fun because he can get away with things a normal person can’t – and he knows it!

Gabrielle first appears as the incredibly beautiful peasant girl who wants more to life – but that’s where the stereotype ends. She can’t stand the boys’ attentions, hates her beauty and does everything she can to make herself look bad, and she has attitude by the cartful! She is no damsel in distress and sets out to prove herself and find adventure – without the help of any prince!

This one is best read right after the Wild Swans, as the main characters and the ending of the story do overlap.

Heat Advisory: An abundance of magical mayhem!

Amazon Kindle Link:Puss in Boots (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 6)

Ocean Lost by Sarah Wagstaff

This book started out rough, though it did improve around the halfway point or so. The dialogue was stilted at times and none of the adults acted normally. Seriously, when a kid is near death no adult with half a brain would just let a friend take him home instead of loading him into an ambulance and taking him straight to a hospital.

And ***SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*** I don’t understand why Walter could so easily tell Sienna and her family his secret but refused to tell his adoptive parents, even though he seemed very close to them. It would have probably saved him a lot of trouble and lies if he had. Why is it that kids in fiction are always willing to tell everyone but family their secrets? In my opinion family should be the first to know.

Amazon Kindle Link: Ocean Lost (Night Awakening Book 1)

Special Forces 01 – Honour Raconteur

SF 01 was a fun, easy read with lots of witty dialogue and some great fight scenes. The main characters were fun, though the hero didn’t feel totally realistic. Whatever happened, he just seemed to roll with the punches. A guy who’s spent so much time in combat, especially from such a young age, surely would have had more mental/emotional issues. One of his subordinates did, but the subject was barely touched on. I was a bit disappointed with that.

Even though the setting was on a distant planet, the place was for all purposes identical to modern day earth. Honestly, the author should have just said that that’s where they were.

I know this review does sound a pretty critical, but I really did enjoy this book. It was a sweet, fun fish-out-of-water tale with some good chuckles thrown in.

Heat Advisory: two or three mild bad words.

Amazon Kindle Link:Special Forces 01

 Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors

Nyssa was raised as a cat burglar. She left that life behind and started fresh, only to have it come hunting her down. After she refuses the offer of a man who wants her to get back in the business, she is framed for a crime she didn’t commit. Her only hope is to do exactly what he wanted her to do – break into the abandoned mansion of Professor Dalhart.

Nyssa Glass is a short read. quick in pace and full of fun twists. Admittedly, I did the the big plot twist in the very end nearly from the beginning, but it didn’t matter because I was having so much fun getting there.

Heat Advisory: two or three uses of d***

Amazon Kindle Link: Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors

The Lion and the Ladybug by Jill Penrod

What do you do when you have no one to turn to?

What few people might have helped Leo, he has managed to burn all bridges with. The only one still willing to help him is Meg Kenton, but he doesn’t trust her anymore.

It pains Meg to se her former best friend through childhood as such a mess. She tries to help him, but can she reach him or will he drag her down into the darkness?

Lion and Ladybug is a pretty heavy read dealing with a lot of tough subjects, but the prevailing theme is hopelessness. Leo has been through so much horror, he doesn’t believe he can be redeemed, he sees no way out so he just lets everything crumble around him. This is a well told story about relationships, the power of love, and not giving up on people.

Heat Advisory: The main character does hang out with the wrong crowd and the things they do are mentioned vaguely. it is mentioned several times that two characters are sleeping together. Some Smoking. Alcohol addiction and abuse are major themes, but all are tastefully dealt with and minimal details given.

Amazon Kindle Link:The Lion and the Ladybug (Terry’s Garden Book 2)


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