Farewell to the M.B.R.C.: a book review


Morgan thought the most difficult decision of her life was deciding to become an official employee of the MBRC. But now, a senior in high school, she’s realizing it only gets worse.

With a certain Goblin mob boss urging her to stay within commuting distance of Chicago, and a flirtatious Pooka pushing her to study overseas, Morgan has a hard enough time trying to sort through her college choices the way it is. Planning out her future is made even more difficult when terrorist threats are issued by an anti-human, anti-rehabilitation, magical organization. Does Morgan want to continue working at the MBRC when it puts her life in danger?

My Review: 

As any of you who regularly come to my blog regularly probably already know, I am totally in love with K.M. Shea’s hilariously fun fantasy novels. This series is one of her best.I love the way she turned so many fantasy tropes right on their head! It’s been so long since I read book one of the M.B.R.C. series, I really need to read it again so I can get around to reviewing it too one of these days. But book 2 is definitely better than 1!

Morgan is such an awesome main character! I adore her sense and her snark. The way she handled the main villain had me in stitches through most of the scenes.

I intensely disliked Devin in book 1. I know that a lot of readers really love him but all of his flirting and constant pranking coupled with mild possessiveness are exactly the things I dislike in a guy. But in this book he – somewhat – redeemed himself. He does have his good moments here and there. So now he wavers between okay/funny and irritating.

The characters are a quirky mix and you never know where the plot is going.  Between death threats, ridiculous misunderstandings, and the horror of a busted coffee machine, there’s never a dull moment. Pick this one up. You won’t regret it.

My Rating: Five Flames

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Heat Advisory:

Romance: lots of flirting.
Language: smart-a** was used once.
Drinking/Drugs: clean
Blood/violence:  several fight and chase scenes are littered throughout the book, but it’s pretty bloodless.
Other: a bit of magic.

Amazon Kindle Link: Farewell to the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center? (The MBRC Book 2)

Author Website: K.M. Shea
Author Facebook Page: K.M. Shea Facebook


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