Stonecastle Inn: a book review


At 15, best-friends Morgan Delaney and Sarah Abrams were separated by forces beyond their control, and they were powerless to do anything about it… until now.

Ten years after being freed from a life of abuse and neglect when he was sent to live with his father, 25 year old Morgan learns that the dysfunction in Sarah’s family is still taking a toll on her life.

Morgan buys Stonecastle Inn to save Sarah’s job and home, and overjoyed to be back together again, the two pick up where they left off. Running the Inn together is a dream come true, but there’s another dream they’ve always had… to solve Sarah’s 114 year old family mystery. Who started the fire in 1901 that destroyed the mansion that once stood on the site of the Inn, thus murdering Katharine Elizabeth Abrams?

Morgan and Sarah quickly learn that there was more going on in Abramstown at the time of the fire than anyone ever imagined, and if they aren’t careful… Katharine’s death won’t be the last.

My Review:

114 years ago Katharine Abrams killed her father and then herself in a terrible fire that nearly destroyed Stonecastle Inn. Or did she?

Sarah Abrams is sick of her ancestor’s name being smeared through the mud and is determined to prove her innocence. She is tired of fielding questions and negating ghost stories. With the help of Morgan Delaney, her childhood best friend and new owner of the inn, she sets out to find herself some answers.

Melissa Simonin does love her historcal cold cases. She does a good job of keeping you in suspense, and the mystery kept me guessing. The story does feel a bit too drawn out at times when we are in the “Current time” portions of the book. The romance between Morgan and Sarah is clean and sweet.

My one pet peeve is that I would have liked to have seen more information on Sarah’s family. The book makes it clear that they really don’t like her or want to see her happy, but we never learn why. Even she doesn’t know the reason, and that question is never cleared up, which was ridiculously frustrating for me. I don’t like characters who act badly for no reason that can be discerned. I wish Simonin had given them a real motivation for acting the way they did. But it is a minor issue and this book makes a great cozy and lighthearted read.

My Rating: Four Flames

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Heat Rating: Clean. (Sorry, everyone. It’s been long enough since I read this one that I can’t remember all the details for a thorough rating.)

Amazon Kindle Link:Stonecastle Inn
Amazon Paperback Link:Stonecastle Inn

Author Website: Melissa Simonin
Author Facebook Page: Melissa Simonin Facebook

Happy Reading y’all!


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