Lightning: a book review


After she found her real father, life for Selah should have felt settled. But the horrors have just begun. In her broken world of toxic earth and tribal clashes, Selah must
battle the forces of nature alongside those in the Mountain who are calling for her blood. Haunted by the pain of mounting losses, she forges on, seeking her lost family and
uncovering new mysteries. But the ultimate betrayal of her own body may soon make her quest impossible as it becomes apparent that what has made her new could also drive her to a life of madness.

Bonnie Calhoun whisks readers back into an otherworldly struggle as Selah continues her quest for answers–and freedom.

My Review: 

My memories of book 1 in this series – Thunder – are not particularly clear, but I do remember being confused often by lack of information and sometimes description as well. Lightning was a sight better. The book started off slowly and it took about three chapters and several starts and stops before I got into it. Even though I don’t recall much of the first novel I still managed to catch on to the plot again with minimal trouble.

The author still doles information out sparingly and more questions than answers are still floating about. I’m still trying to figure out all the ‘protocols’ and what exactly they mean. Hopefully the author will decisively clear up these questions in book three: Storm.

Selah feels like a good character, but not a great one. She is very loyal to her family and tries to see the best in people, but she can be quite foolish at times. Bohdi is just one big question mark for me. He seeems like a nice guy, but I can’t say I really felt anything for his character because I never really KNEW him. He was just…there. His past is mostly a blank to both us and him. Perhaps if Storm delves into these questions then we might get to understanding him a bit better. I hope.

My Rating: three 1/2 flames.

flame cropped flame cropped flame cropped 1/2

Heat Advisory:

Romance: clean
Language: clean
Drinking/drugs: villain is mad scientist. She does use some drugs and chemicals.
Blood/Violence: there is a lot of action in Lightning. Most of the novel is like one big chase scene. There are fights, shootings, kidnapping, explosions, floods, murder, holes blown in people, and an assortment of other injuries. The author does keep the blood minimal though.

And don’t forget to read the short story Aftershock before starting this book. Every novel in this series has an e-short prequel attached. Fnd it for free here on Amazon:

Amazon Kindle Link:Lightning (Stone Braide Chronicles Book 2): A Novel
Amazon Paperback Link:Lightning: A Novel (Stone Braide Chronicles)

Author Website
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Happy Reading y’all!

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