Five star review from Reader’s Favorite!

Oh, wow! I am totally bouncing off the walls with excitement right now. The illustrious Reader’s Favorite reviews just gave my short story, Shadowsong, their five star seal of approval!

So shiny!


I can’t even begin to tell you all how excited I am about this!

Here’s their review:

Shadowsong by C.M. Williams is a fantasy/allegory short story of around eight thousand words. Brave and determined Rhianna enters the Vault of the Master’s Song with her faithful warrior, Aronne. Her mission is to find the Orb and so possess its powers. But the ruthless and evil Lord Rogar has other plans. In the battle that ensues, Aronne is injured, the Orb appears to be destroyed, and Rhianna and Aronne find themselves trapped in the vault. Will Aronne forgive her for using him, and can Rhianna discover the real power and purpose behind the Orb?

C.M. Williams has crafted a well-written and intriguing story. The plot moves at a good pace with plenty of fast action and nail-biting moments. I loved the beginning where not too much is given away, and the reader is drawn into the magic, tension, and danger. Scenes are described with enough vividness to make them and the unique and fascinating characters believable.

Essentially, Shadowsong is about the battle between good and evil that has existed in the world since its creation. And it is about the light and goodness that constantly attempt to break through and triumph, despite man’s all too often inability to see and understand it. Rhianna’s discovery about the real purpose and power behind the Orb is a comparison with the biblical and Christian message about discovering truth, forgiveness, and finding strength in belief. The author weaves a subtle and powerful message through the story, making this a thought-provoking as well as entertaining fantasy. – Reader’s Favorite

And check out the new cover of Shadowsong, complete with her fancy new sticker!


What happens when the dream of a lifetime turns to dust in your hands?

Rhianna has spent her life searching for one thing: the Master’s Song. The source of ultimate power. Now, she is held hostage by it, her life in the balance. If she makes the wrong choice, she will destroy everything she holds dear.
The Darkness closes in, and the fate of her beloved rests in the balance. Rhianna must make an agonizing choice. Who will she hold on to?

Hold on to the Darkness, or embrace the Light?

An 8,000+ word fantasy/allegory short story.

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