True to You: a book review



Wanted: A man with the four C’s (Chinese, Christian, Cash and Career). Ability to cure hives a plus.

Melanie Koo may be a physician skilled in helping others, but the one thing she can’t fix is her own love life. That’s why her mother comes up with the perfect remedy—an arranged marriage. Being a dutiful daughter, she agrees to this loveless match … until a chance meeting leads her to the cure for her hopeless heart.

Ben Peters is everything Melanie was not looking for, but she can’t help but be drawn to his passionate and kind nature and, not to mention, those adorable dimples. For once in her life, she considers breaking parental expectations to go after what she wants. The only thing standing in her way is a five foot one traditional Chinese mother and her scheming ways.

Melanie has to make the biggest decision of her life. Will she stay true to her family or will she choose to believe that true love can be colorblind?

My Review: 

Melanie Koo’s life has become a game of tug of war. The prize? Her heart.

Melanie was born and raised in a very traditional immigrant Cantonese family. As the eldest daughter, she feels a powerful weight of responisbility on her shoulders, the pressure to be perfect. She is the example for her younger sisters, and her every move is met with intense scrutiny.

Her parents have decided that she has been single too long and decide to marry her off to Melvin, a friend whom she has known for some time. Though he is a great guy and certainly fits her criteria list (Chinese, christian, cash, and career) he just doesn’t hold any draw for her. Heck, she breaks out in hives whenever she’s around him!

Enter Ben Peters, tall, handsome, and most certainly not Chinese! He’s everything opposite of what’s on her list. Yet their paths keep crossing, and the draw between the two of them is growing steadily stronger. If her parents find out she’s interested in a non-Chinese man, they’ll probably disown her!

When Ben realizes just how torn she is, he backs down and waits for her to come to her own decisions about whether or not their budding love is worth it. But by the time she decides what she wants, will it be too late?

Melanie is a great girl. I love how much she tries to respect her parents, even when they can be so incredibly difficult. Her mother is the kind of woman that would have my pulling out my hair! I really felt her strain as circumstanes forced her to choose: family or love? I’m honestly not certain I could make a desicion like that! She really handled the pressure well.

And poor Ben. I feel so bad for him! He struggled so hard to comprehend and follow all the customs of her country, and learn one seriously difficult language! The mistakes he made trying to impress her family were painfully embarrasing, though sometimes funny, as he did his best to adjust to their idea of normal. This book really gives a good feel for how difficult the life of a couple from two different countries can be.

My Rating: Five Flames

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Heat Advisory

Romance: flirting and a few kisses. One character is mentioned to have had premarital sex a few years prior.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: one secondary character does get a bit drunk at one point.
Blood/violence: none.

Amazon Kindle Link:True To You: A Novella (Taking Chances Series Book 2)
Amazon Paperback Link: True To You: A Novella (Taking Chances) (Volume 2)

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