Accelerant: a book review



He’ll destroy the world. But first he has to save it.

The Nine Kingdoms bleed. Leaderless, ravaged, the land awaits deliverance from Poired Dyrth’s devastating campaign. But what if one blight can only be cleansed by another?

The promised Fierian is known by many names. Judge. Destroyer. Scourge. And now one other: Haegan, Prince of Seultrie. Once a cripple, now a gifted Accelerant, Haegan can no longer run from the truth. But neither can he be reconciled to it. He knows only one thing for certain: as the only able-bodied heir to the Fire Throne, he must return to the Nine and fight for his people.

But there are insidious forces at work. When reality itself falls into question, Haegan struggles to know where to fight, whom to trust. Caught between duty to his country and duty to the world, Haegan must see clearly enough to choose the right path to save the world.

My Review:

Ronie Kendig can write fast-and-furious fiction like none other, and Accelerant is no exception. Following the Fire King’s crushing defeat, Haegan flees with his sister Kaelyra into the mountains, as Seultrie burns in their wake. As the Fiereian of prophesy, Haegan cannot comprehend why the Deliverers refused to allow him to destroy Poired there and end the suffering.

The only thing about this book that made me rather uncomfortable is that that even though Accelerant is by a Christian author and a Christian publisher, the characters worship some other female deity. This was rather uncomfortable for me and my only real gripe with this series. That and some of the fantasy names and words that become virtually unpronounceable at times. I still think that Poired Dyrth is one of the oddest villain names in my reading history. It sounds so funny when I try to pronounce it.

Ronie’s worldbuilding is very rich and complex. She has a way of getting into a character’s psyche in a subtle, yet incredibly powerful manner that few authors ever manage to achieve. You grow so connected to these characters that you never want to let them go.

Prince Haegan struggles with crushing doubt, intense anger, and PTSD throughout Accelerant. Once a cripple, now he holds the weight of the world on his shoulders and no one seems to think that he is up to the tasks set before him. They cut him down at every turn and even those close to him leave him with the burn of betrayal.

His pain is so palpable, you just want to dive in and give him a big hug topped with a heaping dose of encouragement. For a man with a good heart, the knowledge that he is the prophesied world destroyer threatens to tear him apart. And as he is struggling to find his place in a world that fears and hates him, Poired continues to carve a burning swath across the countryside.

Kaelyra, Thiel, and  Aselan also wrestle with their own individual pains and doubts. There is a glimmer of hope for the healing of these broken souls, but are any of them willing to take the risk?

And all I have to say about the ending of this book is: CLIFFHANGERS! *Cue frustrated screaming* Where is book 3 already? I need it!

My Rating: Five Flames

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Heat Advisory:

Romance: clean.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: clean
Blood/violence: There are quite a attempted murders, a few deaths, and battles. Several murders, including a child (no detail given). There isn’t really much blood, as most of the deaths are via the character’s accelerant powers: burning. The combat is realistic while not succumbing to graphic detail.
Other: some (villainous) characters are well versed in the art of mental manipulation.

Amazon Kindle Link:Accelerant (Abiassa’s Fire Book 2)
Amazon Paperback Link:Accelerant (Abiassa’s Fire, Book 2)

Author Website: Rapid Fire Fiction
Author Facebook Page

Happy Reading y’all!

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