House of Shadows: a book review

Description: It’s not a hallucination, it’s not imagination, and 19 year old Anika Riley hasn’t lost her mind even though she’s the only one seeing things. The shadows that roam the House of Bannerman estate are just as real as they are dangerous.

A bizarre series of seemingly unrelated events follow fiancés Miles and Anika from castle to college and back again. Amidst juggling classes, friends, family, and wedding planning, they battle an unknown enemy intent on casting doubt on their loyalty to each other. With the help of their friends, they are determined to solve the mysteries that are quickly multiplying around them and find the ones responsible.

But things are not at all as they appear to be. Forces have been set in motion and history is determined to repeat itself, and it won’t be satisfied unless it destroys them both.

Miles and Anika find themselves plunged into a battle for each other’s lives on the eve of their wedding against an evil far more sinister than they ever imagined. It’s a fight to the death, and it will take more than self-sacrifice for either one of them to survive this time…

My Review: 

*Warning! Slight spoilers for those who haven’t read book 1: Miles!*

After their miraculous reunion at the end of Miles: House of Bannerman book 1, Anika and Miles are eager to begin a future together and celebrate Miles’s second chance at life. But things are never as easy as one would wish.

A mysterious figure roams the halls of Bannerman house, one who only Anika has ever seen. At college, someone is desperately trying to destroy Miles’s reputation, and when that doesn’t work, they come after Anika. Why, they cannot fathom. No theory makes sense, and the only one who hates them with that much passion is safely in prison.

The clues they follow lead them to a countdown that ends on their wedding day. If their mysterious tormenters cannot be found, Their second chance future might be very short lived.

House of Shadows was a good sequel to Miles, though I did prefer book one. The mystery element kept me on my toes, and I absolutely love Miles’s dog Trixie, the most conversational dog ever. She was a strong personalty in book one, and she’s only growing more so with every book. Miles is a great character, I just wish he had even one truly definable flaw to make him seem more…real. I mean, he’s handsome, rich, smart, kind, loyal, even tempered, humble, powerful – is there anything wrong with him at all? I like him, but he’s just too perfect to be real at times.

Anika and Miles struggle realistically, not just with regular life, but also with their secrets. Knowing who to trust, even the knowing Grandma Polly, is difficult. If the wrong person found out their secrets, who knows what might happen?

My Rating: Four Stars

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Heat Advisory:

Romance: Sweet and clean. A few kisses. A couple of villainous characters try to smear Miles’s reputation by making him out to be a player who played around with every girl around.
Language:  clean
Drinking/Drugs:  clean
Blood/violence:  a couple of fights and a shooting. It’s pretty bloodless.
Other: some supernatural supernatural element

Amazon Kindle Link:House of Shadows (The House of Bannerman Book 2)
Amazon Paperback Link:House of Shadows

Author Website: Melissa Simonin
Author Facebook Page: Melissa Simonin Facebook


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