Miles: a book review


Lost treasure. A missing heir. A 144 year old mystery. An innocent guy, trapped by false accusations. An unscrupulous villain who will stop at nothing…

Nineteen year olds Anika Riley and Miles Bannerman have been best friends since the day she fell through the rotten cellar doors and into the abandoned House of Bannerman castle-like estate. They belong together and would stay together… if that was an option.

But Miles isn’t like other guys. He’s stuck in semi-transparent mode, unable to leave his family home. Miles doesn’t believe evidence exists to clear his name from the 144 year old false accusation that has him trapped, but an answered prayer convinces Anika that it does.

Anika learns of a plot to take control of the estate from the current trustee and it’s a race to prove her friend innocent before she’s banned from the estate and his last hope of ever being set free is destroyed.

The price Anika must pay in order to free Miles is higher than she can bear, but to leave him trapped and alone is unthinkable. She must make a choice. Her decision results in a chain reaction that no one could have foreseen, but there’s no going back… and nothing will ever be the same again.

My Review:

I’m not usually a fan of ghost stories, but this one was wonderful.

Miles has been trapped on the Bannerman estate for over 144 years, unseen and unheard, left to watch silently as his family grieves and time moves on, wondering why he was left in this state. Everyone says that he attacked his brother in a jealous rage over a girl they both loved, and both brothers died in the crossfire. Miles is the only one who knows the truth, but he has never been able to tell a soul. Until now.

Anika Riley is nearly killed when she wanders onto the Bannerman estate in each of her runaway dog. The incident leads to elderly Polly Bannerman giving her the position of caretaker for the estate, in hopes in can be fixed up well enough that the relative plotting to take the estate from her will not be able to, while she searches desperately for her missing grandson and only remaining heir.

When Anika and Miles stumble across each other, Miles receives the shock of his life. She can see him! Anika believes his innocence, but how do they prove it? A lot of evidence can be lost in 144 years.

Anika dives into the challenge, determined to find the proof that will exonerate Miles, who is quickly becoming the closest friend she has, and maybe a bit more. A selfish part of her doesn’t want to find that proof, because she knows that the closer she gets to exonerating him, the shorter their time is. For when his name is cleared, he will finally be free.

I read this one about four times in the first couple days I had it. Miles was different from my usual read, but I totally loved it and will certainly be getting the sequels. I highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a sweet, clean romance with a touch of mystery.

My Rating: Five Stars

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Heat Advisory: Note – I read this book a few years ago. I think I remember all the pertinent details, but it is possible I have forgotten a few things.

Romance: sweet and clean. One minor villain did make an assault attempt on Anika, but he didn’t get far.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: don’t recall.
Blood/violence: a shootout,  a murder, and the aforementioned assault atempt. Only a small amount of blood.
Other: supernatural elements

Amazon Kindle Link: Miles (The House of Bannerman Book 1)
Amazon Paperback Link:Miles (House of Bannerman) (Volume 1)

Author Website: Melissa Simonin
Author Facebook Page: Melissa Simonin Facebook

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