The Little Selkie: a book review


Dylan—a selkie—makes a terrible mistake when she brashly chases an evil sea witch onto land. Captured and stripped of her pelt—leaving her unable to return to the sea in her sea lion body—Dylan’s only chance of survival is to serve as the sea witch’s tool. Instead of allowing the sea witch to use her selkie ability to control water, Dylan asks a wandering enchantress to seal her voice, rendering her unable to use her selkie magic. Stranded—with no allies and no way to contact her family—Dylan fears she will never successfully steal her pelt back.

Luckily, Dylan is not alone. She is befriended by Prince Callan, a kind, human prince whose country is being pulverized by the sea witch. Combining the strength of humans and the intelligence of the selkies, the pair unites to save their people.

But when the storm is over will Dylan choose to stay with Callan, or return to the sea and leave him behind…forever?

My Review: Dylan is now officially my new favorite character by K.M. Shea. She is just so awesome. Unique even amongst her own people, Dylan a quick witted girl who has learned to stand up for herself. I wish I was able to handle people even half as well as she could. Nothing ever seems to phase her. Nobles? Easy. Bullies? Piece of cake. Dylan takes it in stride. She is her own person and proud of it. Although she can be reckless and impulsive, Dylan has a heart as big as the ocean she roams. And unlike most of us, the word diet is not in her voucabulary!

Callan was a good character as well. I was very glad that, unlike the original little mermaid tale that this is based off, he was able to almost immediately recognize Dylan as his rescuer, instead of mistaking her for someone else. His best friend, the colorblind Dooly, along with his straight faced sidekick Cagney, make the perfect comedy duo. They have some of the best dialoge in the book.

Plot wise, I would have to say the book is better than the little mermaid. There is a lot more intrigue, spying, and navigating of the human world, especially the upper class. It was also a huge relief that Dylan didn’t immediately fall head-over-heels for the prince and pursue him against all odds – and reason – to the bitter end. Nor did she trade her voice for legs. She instead had her voice sealed to prevent the sea witch – who was blackmailing her – from forcing her to use her magic voice for destruction. There is no love at first sight here. Rather a well developed and naturally growing relationship.

The little Selkie might even be better than the snow queen novels, and I heartily recommend it everyone, fairytale lovers or not, young and old alike. This one’s for the keeper shelf.

Find a few Little Selkie Freebie shorts here: Freebies

My Rating: Five Flames

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Heat Advisory: 

Romance: Mild flirting and a sweet kiss.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: clean
Blood/violence: A handful of skirmishes on land and sea. No blood that I can recall.
Other:  Magic

Amazon Kindle Link: The Little Selkie (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 5)
Amazon Paperback Link:The Little Selkie: A Timeless Fairy Tale (Timeless Fairy Tales) (Volume 5)
Author Website: K.M. Shea
Author Facebook Page: K.M. Shea Facebook


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