Sacrifice: a book review


The thrilling conclusion to the Snow Queen series!

Rakel, once feared and exiled for possessing magic, is now hailed a hero. Leading resistance forces against the Chosen–an army of magic users that invaded her homeland–she is granted everything she has longed for: acceptance, a home, and the love of her friends. But the battle for her country has just begun.

The Chosen’s powerful leader, Tenebris Malus, has come north to aid his army. His troops pillage the villages and cities they cannot hold, and Rakel’s brother–the King–refuses to rule. Most troubling of all, Rakel–who has always loved her magic–sees great similarities between herself and the deadly Tenebris.

However, not all is lost as the Chosen Colonel Farrin Graydim questions his loyalties to his leader, and the attraction he holds for Rakel.

Can Rakel’s overcome her doubts and defeat Tenebris? Will Farrin choose to follow his heart or his loyalties?

THE SNOW QUEEN: SACRIFICE is a story of magic, love, and friendships. It takes place in the same world as the TIMELESS FAIRY TALES series, but occurs centuries prior.


My Review: Tenebris has arrived, the dark shadow that has loomed over Verglas since the beginning of the war. His goals are threefold. Conquer Verglas, find the mirror, and kill the Snow Queen. He doesn’t care how many he sacrifices to get what he wants.

Farrin Graydim’s loyalties are stretched to the snapping point. All he really wants is a place where he belongs. Until now, that has been with his Commander, Tenebris, the man who saved him. Rakel is making him see things in a different light. But surely she would never accept a man with such a monstrous past?

Rakel’s life has been turned on its head. Once feared, now the people all but worship her, rising up everywhere to fight in her name and under her flag. She has no idea what to do with their newfound respect and adoration. Rachel does not want power, but her brother the King, remains absent and fearful of her. Can she convince her brother to take hold of his place as King before the people try to raise her up in his place?

Sacrifice was even better than book one: Heart of Ice. Like the title suggests, sacrifice is the very core of this story. Rachel knows that to win this war she must lay everything down, perhaps even her life, but this wonderful girl never hesitates. for the love of her people she is willing to make any sacrifice necessary to ensure Verglas has a future.

We finally get to see a bit more of Farrin’s past, though not quite enough for this curious reader. I would have loved to have seen that history fleshed out in a bit more depth. It certainly isn’t necessary, I would just have enjoyed a little extra there.

We finally learn what Tenebris’s obsession with Verglas is, though the author still leaves us with so many questions. I hope we will learn the answers to that in one of the future Fairytale Retellings books And I was right about Tenebris in my earlier review Heart of Ice He is a much better villain that Frozen’s Hans ever was!

Don’t forget to check out K. M. Shea’s website for a bunch of short stories and deleted scenes from these books: Snow Queen Freebies!

My Rating: Five Flames

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Romance: A sweet kiss. Mild flirting.
Language: clean
Drinking/Drugs: clean
Blood/violence: there are quite a few battles and skirmishes throughout this book. All of it is non-graphic. The action rarely slows. There is little to no blood shown.
Other: Magic is everywhere here, and the villain uses dark curses, although thankfully no details of that are ever given.

Amazon Kindle Link:Sacrifice (The Snow Queen Book 2)
Amazon Paperback Link:Sacrifice: THE SNOW QUEEN (Volume 2)

Author blog:K. M. Shea
Author Facebook: KM Shea Facebook

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