Shadowsong Release Day!!!!!!!

Okay, super excited today. My baby is finally out in the world! *happy dance*
This story has been a long time in coming. I wrote it years ago for a Christian magazine, but it wasn’t quite what they were looking for. I re-wrote it completely this year and was shocked at just how much my writing style had changed in that time. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I hope you will be too!

shadowsong Final Cover


What happens when the dream of a lifetime turns to dust in your hands?

Rhianna has spent her life searching for one thing: the Master’s Song. The source of ultimate power. Now, she is held hostage by it, her life in the balance. If she makes the wrong choice, she will destroy everything she holds dear.
The Darkness closes in, and the fate of her beloved rests in the balance. Rhianna must make an agonizing choice. Who will she hold on to?

Hold on to the Darkness, or embrace the Light?

An 8,000+ word fantasy/allegory short story.

Amazon Kindle Link here: Shadowsong
This book will also be available with Kindle Unlimited!

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