Princess Ahira: A book review

So, I guess it’s probably high time that I put up an actual review on my blog right? Today I’m reviewing Princess Ahira by K.M. Shea, one of my favorite fantasy authors. If you need lighthearted fiction that will give you a good laugh, this author is for you!

princess ahira

Book Description:
Once upon a time? Please! What a joke.

Princess Ahira is not your average damsel in distress. She hates being a princess and constantly tries to flee from her mother and her lectures. Pleasantly, her life is shattered on the eve of her sixteenth birthday when she is kidnapped by dragons.

Ahira is selected by a powerful dragon named Azmaveth to be his captive princess, and lives with him—cleaning his pigpen den—as they forge a strange sort of friendship. Living with Azmaveth brings more adventures than Ahira ever saw in her family’s castle. Not only do Azmaveth’s inventive spells seem to backfire on himself and those around him, but he lives in a land where fairytales are completely backwards.

There’s Snow White and her seven dwarf uncles who have fallen asleep, Hanzel and Gretal who have locked an old woman out of her cookie cottage, and a miniature unicorn who happens to have some pretty powerful magic.

In this upside down land Ahira also meets Kohath, Azmaveth’s egotistical steward who drags her on countless wild goose chases, and Aaron, a cowardly but intelligent wizard.

Unfortunately, Ahira isn’t visiting the dragons during a peaceful time. The valkyrie, mystical female warriors bent on dominion over magic, are marching against the dragons, and everything—from dragons to gnomes—are rallying together to fight back. What Ahira doesn’t know is that her emotions and romantic life will have a powerful impact on the looming war.

My Review:

OMG, this was just what the doctor ordered! This book was the first time I was exposed to K.M. Shea’s writing. When I first got this book years ago the cover and description were very different. It didn’t really look like much going in, but I was in need of a light read after a particularly stressful workday.

I couldn’t have chosen better.

While reading this book, I laughed so hard that I cried. Family members actually came upstairs to see if I was all right! Ahira and Azmaveth’s banter is ridiculous and fun.

Ahira is totally her own person and never lets the princess stereotype dictate her life. She’s determined, hardworking, smart, and has no problem pushing around a dragon twenty times her size. She refuses to just allow some prince to march by and “rescue” her, forcing her to marry him whether she likes it or not. She’s waiting for her big brother to come rescue her, but he sure is taking his good old time doing it. I loved the crazy ideas that she always coming up with to get rid of door-to-door sales wizards (Yup, they got pesky salesmen there too!) and princes who can’t take a hint!

Azmaveth is an adorably awkward slob of a dragon who is clueless about humans. he always has to consult his book –All About Princesses: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy –  to interpret every move Ahira makes. Ahira’s plotting to burn that book. Azmaveth is also a total nerd and spends much of his time in his lab coming up with potions that regularly backfire, creating some ridiculously embarrassing results. There’s never a dull moment in that cave.

The last half of the book takes a slightly more serious turn with the threat of the Valkyries and looming war, but the ending is just perfect. Princess Ahira is one of the few books i have actually come back to re-read more than once. I wish i could give this one more than five stars because it totally deserves it.


Safety ratings:

Romance: A kiss or two, but very clean.
Drinking/Drugs: none
Cussing: nothing I recall
Violence: Mild. There is a battle but the author does an excellent job of keeping things light.
Other: There is magic in this book. Some people may not care for that much, but I found this one to be pretty safe.

Find this book on Amazon Here:  Princess Ahira

Find the Author’s Website Here: K.M. Shea

Or her Facebook Profile here: K.M. Shea on Facebook

Happy Reading!


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